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Zerbert Music and Lifestyle helps to create sustainable business models for music and lifestyle brands of the future. We’re focused on exploiting the possibilities available to scale through digital content marketing that may begin on a social network, but could end up on a television network. We also book all sorts of independent tours and provide customized brand marketing and PR consulting plans.



Austin Galante


Junko Beat

Royal Holland


Past Clients and Campaigns


27 Productions

Ali Young – Shiny Teeth

Amanda Shaw

Brooke Campbell Escapist EP

Billy Harvey

Black Panda PR

Christopher Hawley & The Rollers

Connor Leimer Postcard

Dale Bozzio/Missing Persons

Dudley Saunders Monsters

Flagship Brewery

Flow Tribe At Capacity

Four Trips Ahead

Gladshot Maxwell’s Cool Demon

Gorgeous PR


Import-Export Dayglow Whore

The Irrepressibles

Light Organ Records

Jivewired Entertainment /SXSW 2015

Matt Keating

Melmac Records

Natalie Walker

One-Eyed Doll

Pi Jacobs Urbanica

Rachel Mason/Little Band of Sailors

Romy Unbound EP, Boy, Frail, Make It Work Singles

September Gurl Music

Sojourn Records

Sweet Jane

The Majestic Twelve Schizophrenology

The Reptiles

The Vim Dicta

Time and Energy Open Channels

Tsurumi Records

  • The Beautiful Mothers Chikara
  • Golden Self-Titled
  • The Second Academy
  • The Grave From Out Of Which We Briefly Wander
  • Bohemian Grove
  • Trimtab Last Chance Summer Dance
  • The Revenant Soundtrack
  • Benefit Concert Supporting Local Songwriter and Teacher Jeremy Best

Wildflower Records

Zip Records


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