ROMY Delivers Raw, Intense Emotion on New Video for New Single “Frail”

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Amsterdam’s by-way-of NYC artist ROMY tells the story of what it feels like to love someone who struggles with an addiction. The video is directed by Marisa Pena.

“We tried to keep the video as open and honest, vulnerable, as possible. It’s a heartbreaking song in which I explain why loving someone who doesn’t love themselves by having an addiction, will never produce a stable relationship.  My songwriting helped me become a stronger woman/individual and helps my process.  It helps me to understand things that happen around me, and the people around me whom I care for,” Romy shares.  “My songwriting process helped me to work through loss of a few break-ups too.”

“Frail” is produced by Michael Di Lalla.  Di Lalla and Romy are at work on her next track “Make it Work,” releasing to digital stores later this year.  Romy will continue writing, recording, and sharing her songs on streaming outlets like Soundcloud and Spotify.  Stay in touch and up-to-date online at all social destinations.


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